Friday, November 20, 2009

All-Timers Gave Me An Outer Body Experience

All-timers Disease – This is a disease that you have all-the-time that causes you to mispronounce words like nuclear, Alzheimer’s, and interesting. This shouldn’t be confused with Alzheimer’s the disease, which is very serious and affects millions. Unfortunately All-timers affects millions too. Contributed by G.K.

Outer Body Experience – This is really cool, it’s like having an out of body experience on the outside of your body! See, an out of body experience is when you feel like your consciousness is outside your body, and an outer body experience is when you feel like your body is outside your body! Amazing! Someone at the office used this term. Contributed by S.H.

Versa Visuh – Vice Versa or vis-à-vis are common terms meaning with the order changed-with the relations reversed. Switching the order of these words and saying Versa Visuh (pronounced Versa Vice-uh) has no meaning whatsoever and who wants their words to mean nothing? By the way, if you are one of those people saying vice versa backwards and wrong as Versa Visuh to be cute? Stop it, stop it right now, just stop.

Main Entry: vice ver·sa, Function: adverb, Etymology: Latin, Date: 1601 : with the order changed : with the relations reversed : conversely

Anywayz – This word is just like irregardless. Some people are just uncomfortable with regardless and anyway, they feel there is something lacking, some hidden meaning not expressed with the word as-is, so they add “irre” and “z” to perfectly normal functioning words. And then one day they find this blog, and they’re confused, and they look the words up, and they conjure up memories across their entire lives and realize they’ve said irregardless and anywayz perhaps millions of times, and they pause, they reflect, and there is loss.

Over Indulge – I’m a big fan of indulging, sometimes I over eat, and yes, I suppose it is possible to over indulge. See the problem lies in the fact that the definition of indulge, by definition, means that you’re overdoing it, you’ve gone too far, you just kept going when you were satisfied, maybe you just kept going and going, like this sentence. See, I could have said a lot less and expressed myself just as well, just like you could have used indulge, instead of over indulge, but you didn’t. You took too much and you used too many words to describe it, just like this explanation of over indulge.

Coming soon: Mispronunciations That Vix Us 2.0 and Words That Just R'unt 2.0

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